How to Conduct Site Layout and Quality Assurance with Robotic Total Stations

Construction teams today are constantly trying to find ways to improve productivity. In fact, a report from McKinsey Global Institute cited that over the past 20 years, the industry's productivity has grown by only 1% and roughly $1.63 trillion could be saved by improving these productivity issues. 

So how can we start making small changes in our daily tasks to improve efficiencies? 

One of the big trends we see today is the increased use of robotics in construction. The idea being that if we can automate a task with robotics, we cannot only address this productivity challenge, but also improve safety and quality.

There are several use cases for robotics in the industry, but instead of trying to address all of these types of robots, we're going to narrow down our focus for this blog to talk specifically about Robotic Total Stations.

The following 3 part video series will review the overview and benefits of using Robotic Total Stations, getting started with planning for layout, and the best practices for site layout execution. 


1. Introduction to Robotic Total Stations:


2. Planning with Robotic Total Stations:


3. Execution with Robotic Total Stations:



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