Increase Productivity for Site Layout and QA with Robotic Total Stations

Productivity issues are a constant concern for construction companies. According to McKinsey Global Institute, over the past 20 years, productivity has grown by only 1%. The same report states that improving productivity could yield savings of approximately $1.63 trillion.

The use of robotics is one innovation that shows a lot of promise for substantial productivity improvements. For many contractors, however, the idea of using robots may seem prohibitive or futuristic.

But there’s one area where even small and medium-sized contractors can be getting a lot of benefit from robotics: With the use of robotic total stations.

This 3-part video series provides an introduction to the benefits and use of robotic total stations, shows you how to get started with planning for layout, and best practices for site layout execution.


1. Introduction to Robotic Total Stations:


2. Planning with Robotic Total Stations:


3. Execution with Robotic Total Stations:



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