The Easiest Way to Simplify Construction Safety Checklists

Completing construction checklists, whether for construction safety or quality inspections, can often be tedious. In fact, a typical OSHA safety checklist can include over 500 items on one list alone. Navigating through these lengthy checklists is made easier thanks to the recent enhancements to the look and feel of checklist templates and checklists in BIM 360.

Checklist templates screenshot

The improved interface can save you significant time when managing long item lists and helps streamline the overall checklist workflow allowing teams to spend less time scrolling through endless lists and more time initiating tasks to actually complete checklist items.

With the addition of a new section panel along the left side, you can quickly jump from one section to another, move and rename items, and easily add a new section or delete existing sections.

Check out this brief video overview to see  how these enhancements improve the navigation and editing of construction safety checklists (and more).


 Watch Shirin Arnold walk through the new enhancements for checklist templates and checklists  



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