Introducing Project Home: A New Dashboard for Your Construction Data

Few professions are as complex and constantly changing as the construction profession. Every day is a new challenge. On large projects, keeping track of the constant changes in construction data is a full time job.

Modern technology has simplified some aspects of our work, and complicated others. Software like BIM 360 Docs, Design, Build, Glue, and others can make it easy to access what you need and to interact with project data in valuable ways.

But until now, there was no seamless way to view all of a project’s actionable data in a simple, unified view. BIM 360 Project Home changes that, and our users are raving about it.


What Is BIM 360 Project Home?

Project Home is a new way of interacting with BIM 360 that gives customers a single view into their entire project, with access to important, relevant, and actionable information from across BIM 360 and even some 3rd party services. It provides a unified experience with at-a-glance insights about the entire project, all in one place. This allows you to quickly evaluate areas that require attention for you and your team.


BIM 360 Project Home gives users a single, at-a-glance dashboard for their entire project


The Features of Project Home

Project Home gives every project member access to a landing page that provides a unified view of the actionable information about the project that is relevant to them. The information on the landing page is:

  • Unified and data centric. It pulls information from all linked BIM 360 applications.
  • User specific. It displays only information that is relevant and accessible to each user based on their user permissions.
  • Actionable. It displays actionable information specific to users that they can drill deeper into.
  • Seamless. The home page becomes the user’s default landing page, and is also accessible directly from within the project module picker. Users can access information inside each application from the homepage and navigate directly to it.


Call out individual applications and dive deeper into your construction data from the Project Home view



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What It's Like to Use Project Home

Early adopters of Project Home are already raving about all of the benefits. It makes it easy to see at a glance what the day’s priorities are, and to make decisions about the work that must be done. The benefits include greater efficiency, fewer headaches, and fewer mistakes.

At any time during the day, a project member can login to Project Home and see:

  • A map of the location of the project
  • Current and forecasted weather conditions on site
  • Field Issues
  • Checklists Status
  • Outstanding RFIs
  • Submittals
  • Document Issues
  • Design Packages

The page presents only information relevant to the particular user, and prioritizes information according to what requires attention that day.

Project team members can expand individual cards to see more information, then link directly to any documents, checklists, or other items to respond, communicate, and manipulate. Project members can see items that are assigned to them. Whereas Project Admins can see items that need their attention as well as items that are outstanding from a project perspective.

We continue to listen to users, to learn what features and functions will make your lives easier and more productive, and we’ll always work to add the features you most want.



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