F is for File Management and other Construction Technology ABCs

Do you know your ABCs? Well, sure, but can you rhyme them? We decided to try our hand, using construction technology as our inspiration. We may not be battle-hardened rappers (yet), but we think we can make you laugh. Take a peek. 

Construction Technology ABCs

A is for Augmented Reality, because the future is here, 

B is for BIM, because the benefits are clear.

C is for Collaboration, easier than ever before,

D is for Drones, for surveying, inspecting, and more.

E is for Elevation data, which drones make easier to get,

F is for File Management, which with Docs is no sweat.

G is for Green, ever more in demand,

H is for Handover, of which Ops gives you command.

I is for IoT, for machines that are smart,

J is for Just-in-Time logistics, so you’ve always got the right part.

K is for Knowledge-based systems, to make sure your plans have might

L is for Laser scanning, so you can easily map out the build site 

M is for Mobile, taking tech to the field,

N is for Net profit, more of which tech can yield.

O is for Owners, whom you want to please,

P is for Printing (3D), which can make prefab a breeze.

Q is for Quality, made easier with Field,

R is for Robotic Total Stations, for RC slope measuremim...ent.

(We had to stretch a bit for that one, but we totally nailed it.)

Ahem. Carrying on...

S is for Safety, which is better with tech, yay!

T is for Trends, changing faster every day.

U is for UAV, a fancy name for a drone,

V is for Version, because the wrong one could mean the budget is blown.

W is for Wearables, making workers faster, safer, and better,

X is for Xerox Machine, idle since BIM is cleverer,

Y is for Youth, hard-to-recruit lovers of tech,

Z is for Zoom, for the ridiculous speed of change, by heck. 

Construction ABC's 

We did it!

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