How BAM Ireland Gained 20% In Quality and Safety With BIM 360 Construction IQ

Boasting 21,000 employees and thousands of projects each year, Royal BAM Group is one of Europe’s most successful construction and engineering companies. They pride themselves on close client collaboration, sustainability, and innovative digital construction.

Even as an early adopter and market leader in digital construction techniques, however, in a review of their workflows, BAM Ireland found that many teams were still relying on paper for data collection. The manual workflows were slow, time-consuming, and full of hassles.

Here’s how they tackled the challenge of digitizing these workflows, and achieved a 20% gain in quality and safety on site.


Challenges of Paper Based Processes

BAM Ireland’s traditional data management methods relied on paper-based workflows. In the course of a project, their teams often collected dozens of racks of papers and files, all of which contained valuable project data.

Compiling all that information in a digestible way was a time-consuming task. Besides the time invested in the task, this also meant that all that good data wasn’t being used to its full potential.



BAM Ireland’s leadership began seeking solutions that would help them to more fully digitize their processes


Multiply the effort and waste involved by the 40 to 50 projects that BAM Ireland had going at any given time, and it’s easy to see how daunting data collection and management had become. Furthermore, BAM Ireland’s business was growing and with it, the amount of information and data sets they had access to and needed to manage - creating a situation that was both a blessing and a challenge.

To address the challenge, BAM Ireland’s leadership began seeking solutions that would help them to more fully digitize their processes and create standardization across the entire Royal BAM Group.


The Solution

BAM Ireland began using BIM 360 Insight and Construction IQ to capture data and manage construction work on all levels. A full construction lifecycle firm, BAM executes complex and diverse projects, from the Museum of the Future in Dubai to the Brewery Quarters project in Cork, Ireland.

The Brewery Quarter project is a student accommodation project in Cork Ireland that has over 1,000 rooms. There is a huge amount of coordination that happens on a daily basis and through the use of BIM 360, the BAM team is seeing real time data captured hourly.  Construction IQ became the platform for integrating data across project phases and delivering meaningful analysis. It’s user-friendly interface delivered key data prioritized to improve speed and quality of decision making across the board.

“It's like a guiding light in the background for us, helping us keep tabs day in, day out as to where the challenges may be on our project."

Michael Murphy, Digital Construction Operations Manager, BAM


Construction IQ gave BAM the ability to identify high-risk issues through machine learning assisted by human experience


With Construction IQ running in the background, BAM Ireland created a machine learning environment to manage their data. This enabled them to manage increasing amounts of project information within an automated system. The system in turn could adapt to new data sets that required changes or new ways of organizing.

But what is the best part about all of this? BAM didn’t need to do anything to start seeing the value of Construction IQ. 

“It has a massive amount of technology behind it. There is machine learning, there is AI in the background, churning away looking at all our information. But that doesn't matter. You can't see it. You turn it on, and there are your answers. It's seamless,” says Simon Tritschler, Digital Construction Technical Deployment Specialist at BAM. 

Construction IQ assisted the BAM Ireland team to break down barriers between traditional knowledge silos within both the Brewery Quarter project as well as within the organization as a whole to  establish better collaboration across all teams.



Construction IQ and Insight supported BAM Ireland in achieving several important benefits.

  • Easy access to a cross-project dashboard that improves BAM Ireland’s management oversight across multiple complex projects. This means that sites can readily communicate what is working well and where improvement is needed, so that best practices can be established across the organization.
  • Dramatically improving data capture techniques, making the workflow 95% digital. Today, only mandatory, legal documents are managed on paper.
  • 25% more time focused on tasks and risk items rather than managing paper. This reduces risk across the entire project lifecycle.
  • Better understanding of the risk profile on each project as well as across the world.
  • Better data and insights to enable stronger decisions, leading to a 20% improvement in both quality and safety.
  • Safer, happier work sites for all employees, improving productivity and morale.

Royal BAM Group is committed to success through innovation. BAM Ireland’s adoption of Insight and Construction IQ demonstrates the valuable wins organizations can achieve through digitizing construction processes.

“Autodesk construction solutions give us visibility on risk and a higher degree of focus. Construction IQis identifying the problems and constraints that now act as leading KPIs for BAM to identify hotspots, rather than relying on traditional construction intuition. We’re having less reactive conversations with more emphasis on KPIs that can drive continual improvement. The simple visualization of the challenge or the issue alone helps us bring that focus.”



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